the Scar Breakthrough Program
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If you want to lessen scar appearance and have less pain (or lessen chance of future issues)...THIS AT-HOME SCAR PROGRAM is exactly what you're looking for.

I'd like to invite you to join the "The Scar Lady Protocol Abdominal Course" to help you physically and emotionally heal from abdominal scars (even old ones)!

In fact, "The Scar Lady Protocol Abdominal Course" will give you the confidence to:
• Identify what areas of your scar need help with visual demonstration
• Know exactly how to release scar adhesions
• Decrease stress in your body, improve core strength and movement
• Start healing emotionally from scars
• Build TRUE strength and core stability
• Make your scar look and move better...

... and much, MUCH more! 

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with the "The Scar Lady Protocol Abdominal Course" at-home scar program in just 15 minutes 3x/week.

 Get The Abdominal Course for Just $797
Special Offer-regularly $897 

Payment Plan Available

Here's What You'll Get Inside...
  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately. You can start changing your life today!
  • Features:
  • ​3 Teaching Modules (scar science in simple terms)
  • ​​​​2 Stability Test Modules (learn how your abdominal scar/s are affecting your balance and stability) 
  • ​4 Activity Modules, with visual demonstration of the entire Scar Lady Protocol with a model
  • ​(includes 3 levels of core strength building exercises)
  • ​Learn how to properly breathe (CRUCIAL for good health)

Bonus #1

Results Require Consistent Action

 Activity Tracker

Great way to track your progress and tune into your body and emotions as you engage with The Scar Lady Protocol (at least 3 days/week for just   15 minutes)
Four Free Bonuses Included!

Mind If I Overdeliver??

In addition to this discounted course, I'll also throw in massive value with these
 3 bonuses:
*Dr. Jen's Favorite Rehab products, including kinesiology tape and scissors

*Powerpoint Slides for The Scar Lady Protocol Abdominal Course

*Invitation to apply to work with me and my amazing Dolphin MPS tools in person...they change scar tissue back to regular tissue!!! Get a full body deep-dive physical therapy assessment with me and see exactly how your scars are interfering with your muscles and health.

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