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  • Scars: More Than Skin Deep E-Book
  • The Scar Lady Journal: An Emotional Guide to Help Process and Heal after Surgery or Skin Trauma
  • ​Scar Taping Video
  • ​Bonus #1 You're invited to join the Women's Scar Support Group on Facebook.
  • ​Bonus #2 15 Minute Zoom with Dr. Jen for assistance with The Scar Lady Protocol

"Since my gallbladder removal, I have to sit up in bed carefully and painfully before turning over. Now I am able to just roll over like before my gallbladder removal. She (Dr. Jen) was able to help me re-connect my ab muslces to my brain. This is huge in my overall process of becoming healthier...I highly recommend for anyone who has ever had surgery, scars and pain."

-Sarah, Texas
""Scars: More Than Skin Deep" is an excellent resource for those seeking knowledge, hope and healing. Innovative concepts explain how scars, both old and new, inhibit function physically and emotionally. Specific techniques, patient examples and photographs solidify and simplify an advanced physiological concept. I found this book informative and encouraging!

Most importantly, it was effective! 
I give it 5 stars!""

- Leigh Ann, Texas
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